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About Us

About Us

Who We are:

Keystone Real Estate is a family owned Barbadian based Real Estate  company, established in 2005. Prior to this we were managing  long and short term private properties as well as   commercial properties such as Waterford Plantation which consists of over 100 acres!

Through Our Experience

our policy is to provide a second to none Real Estate and consultancy service specializing in all types of  investment property, whether it is a house, beach front property, office space, shops, warehouses and  other commercial entities or just land.  We cover everything from private individuals looking to secure a home for themselves to foreign persons  looking for an investment opportunity abroad.

Planning a purchase in another country can seem a complicated process.  Through our own experience of buying  Real Estate in Barbados we can provide cost effective, efficient and professional services through our long association with such bodies.  This enables us to  offer a complete one stop shop from Initial email and telephone inquiries to sourcing suitable properties, managing all transactions through our  selection of  professionals whom we  will put you in touch with , whether it is lawyers, bankers,  insurers, notaries, valuers, in order to ease your purchase experience.

Why Should I buy

Barbados is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea!. It has always attracted a host of celebrities and tourists who are captivated by the glorious white sandy beaches, the warm climate, and the inviting  turquoise sea!

We have properties to  suit  every visitor or local investor, whether it is property sales or rentals, or opportunities to invest in the purchase of land, land development, apartment blocks, or Hotels.

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Our watts app number is 246 265 2532